About EH Dailey

Something you should know about EH is that she does not go by EH in her everyday life, because that would be weird.

The EH stands for Erin Hillary and the Dailey stands for her family name inherited from her father James Kenneth who was a right Irish rogue and charmer as well as being an occasional sarcastic pain in the ass.

Please don’t steal her identity.

As an author, Erin has always been more of a “writer of things.” She’s written almost exclusively for digital sites and publications since the inception of the internet, with the occasional foray into trad print pub when the possibility arose.

Erin’s written for Television Without Pity, the Red Eye in Chicago, Marie Claire, BenBella Books, and the occasional advertising agency.

Star Magnolia, Book One of the Rouge Witch series, is her first foray into pure fiction.

It is not just the first book of the Rouge Witch series, but the first book of a larger series and storyverse that involves Irish vampires, seventies New York, Greek gods, Key West and, possibly, an island in Scotland.

Care to come along for the ride?