Star Magnolia

“She’s back, bébé. She’s back.
And she wants in on us. All us witches.
And she won’t stop until she eats every last one of our souls.

You’re a fearsome thing, Victorine.
But you have no idea who you really are.”

“Bijoux’s dead.”

With those two simple words, Rina Savoy’s world comes crashing down.

When her estranged grandmother dies under decidedly odd circumstances, Rina must return home to New Orleans to deal with it — as well as a painful past she’s been on the run from for the better part of a dozen years.

But Bijoux LaGarde has other plans for her precious granddaughter.

Plans that will force Rina to confront her family’s magical history and reclaim her own long-dormant powers.

Powers that she’ll need to battle a dark and ancient nemesis she never even knew she had.

A nemesis that’s getting closer to Rina with every breath she takes.

Book Categories: Supernatural Thriller.